We bring to you the most exciting
fruit of the century

Soursop -
An evergreen tree found in tropical regions used to treat diseases since ages.
Scientific name
Annona Muricata: numerous studies conducted
Amazing properties: tremendous health benefits for a stress-free life.
Have soursop juice or tea - it's the nature's gift of health.

Introduction to Soursop

There has been a frenzy of stories going round the web about the miracle fruit – Soursop. We will try to uncover the truth about it. Who knows, soursop could turn out to be a revolutionary fruit!

Soursop is the fruit of graviola which is a flowering, evergreen tree native to tropical regions of the world. It is a long, prickly green fruit which along with the soursop leaves has shown explicit cancer killing properties.

Soursop A.K.A. Annona muricata belongs to the Annonacae family. Plants of this family contain annonacin acetogenins which have tremendous medicinal properties.

Various parts of the graviola tree have been used for centuries by medicine men and native Indians in South America to treat heart disease, asthma, liver problems and arthritis.

Graviola has been found to have tremendous healing properties including anti-cancer, anti-inflammation, anti-diabetes, and many more.

Soursop Tree Treasure of Benefits
Soursop Fruit has delicious pulp
Soursop Leaves has tremendous benefits

The Soursop Story

In 1976, the National Cancer Institute studied soursop and found that it was very effective in attacking and destroying malignant cells. But the results were, for some reason, never released to the public. A story has been going around since the last decade that a leading pharmaceutical company of United States tried for nearly seven years to synthesize two of the tree's most powerful anti-cancerous chemicals. In the early 1990's, behind lock and key, this well-known drug giant began searching for a cure for cancer -- while preciously guarding their opportunity to patent it and, therefore, profit from it. 

The company had spent nearly 7 years and millions of dollars trying to replicate the cancer-killing chemicals found in graviola but couldn’t do it.

As they couldn’t patent the natural extracts either, which meant there was no way of making substantial profit from it, they decided to bury the research done by them.

This story later came out and it was out that many individual institutions had been conducting research on cancer curing abilities of graviola and the results confirmed the finding of the drug company. Soursop had tremendous potential in attacking and killing cancer cells, without harming the healthy cells.

Latest news:

March 28, 2013
Article in Economic Times writes about soursop and it's cancer-killing properties.

read more on page 18 of Economic Times of 28th March,2013 Mumbai issue