List of various studies conducted:

Anti-cancer and anti-tumor studies
Hypotensive studies
Hyperglycemic studies.
High nutrition value.

Anti-cancerous and Anti-tumor

Graviola: a novel promising natural-derived drug that inhibits tumorigenicity and metastasis of pancreatic cancer cells in vitro and in vivo through altering cell metabolism

This study shows that graviola or soursop extract killed pancreatic cancer cells by blocking their access to the energy source ATP. Many times, pancreatic tumors become resistant to conventional chemotherapies.

Selective growth inhibition of human breast cancer cells by graviola fruit extract in vitro and in vivo involving downregulation of EGFR expression

This study shows the effect of soursop fruit extract on human breast cancer cells. It shows that the growth of the cells is inhibited.

Tumor cell growth inhibition by several Annonaceous acetogenins in an in vitro disk diffusion assay

This study shows that annonaceous acetogenins present in soursop stops cell growth for cancerous cells. It is also shown to be equally effective on drug resistant cancer cells.

Annonacin induces cell cycle-dependent growth arrest and apoptosis in estrogen receptor- _-related pathways in MCF-7 cells

This study shows that annonacin (which in present in soursop) stopped cancer cells’ growth and reduced tumor size. Breast cancer cells commonly become resistant to Tamoxifen (a commonly used hormone therapy drug). This study indicates that soursop is effective on multidrug-resistant cancer cells too.

Chemopreventive Potential of Annona Muricata L Leaves on Chemically-Induced Skin Papillomagenesis in Mice

This study shows that the extract of soursop leaves was able to suppress tumor before it started growing as well as growth of the tumor even at lower dosage.

Quantitative Assessment of the Relative Antineoplastic Potential of the n-butanolic Leaf Extract ofAnnona Muricata Linn. in Normal and Immortalized Human Cell Lines

This research studies the effect of leaf extract of graviola on normal and immoralised human cell lines. The extract was seen to be toxic to these cells.

Anti-depression          Anti-diabetes             Anti-inflammatory

Isoquinoline derivatives isolated from the fruit of Annona muricata as 5-HTergic 5-HT1A receptor agonists in rats: unexploited antidepressive (lead) products

This study shows the effect of isoquinoline , a compound present in the fruit soursop on         rats and it shows an antidrepressive effect.

Anti Hyperglycemic Activities of Annona Muricata (Linn)

This study shows that leaf extracts of soursop have anti-diabetic properties as it helps in reducing blood glucose level.

Antinociceptive and Anti-inflammatory activities of the ethanol extract of Annona Muricata L. leaves in Animal Models

This study shows that sourop leaves have tremendous pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory or anti-swelling properties.